dog biscuits

Dry food, wet food, kibble, organic and a ton of others are just a handful of the variety of dog food in today’s market. As a dog owner, you may not exactly know the one your dog prefers over the other, especially if such a dog eats everything. However, if you are concerned about if your dog actually likes his dog biscuits, then we’ve got news for you. Dogs most definitely love treats, it’s a fact. But this treat could be ham, chicken or any human food which you know they’ll covet. However, for dogs they are omnivores meaning they’ll eat pretty much anything but do they really like their biscuits? To answer this, we’ll have to make some analysis.


What about biscuit dog food?


First off, dog biscuits is dry dog food. Meaning that dogs who prefer wet food to kibble may not appreciate this treat. Also, the dog breed may also be important. However, it’s true that dogs do love treats. Who wouldn’t? A break from the normal diet you’re accustomed to? Sign us up. So to answer this question, Yes. Dogs absolutely love biscuits and here’s why.

These biscuit dog foods are really crunchy, so it’s healthy for their teeth. However, as earlier stated, dogs will definitely love these biscuits because they are not given to them often and hence the idea of getting one has heightened their love for it. Also, with respect to taste you can say that dogs do not really use their taste buds. All they do is chew and swallow. Hence, we can’t say they love dog biscuits because it’s tastier than their usual food. But before we go on, are these biscuits really healthy for your dog?


Are they really healthy?



Biscuits are predominantly made of carbohydrates and unlike we humans, dogs do not need excessive amount of carbs in their system. Hence a carbohydrate infused meal in the form of biscuit dog food will definitely be detrimental to the dog in the long run. We’re talking about weight gain, dehydration and other health related challenges which aren’t great for dogs. Hence, your dog will love these biscuits, but because you love him more you shouldn’t make it a constant part of his meal. They are called treats for a reason right, they are meant to be given when the receiver deserves it and not as his new dietary plan. So when your dog learns a new trick or successfully does something right, reward him with a dog biscuit.


It’s safe to say that dogs do love dog biscuit food. They are crunchy and great for their teeth, but it shouldn’t be given liberally to them.


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