Did This Golden Retriever Survive His Battle With Cancer?

Imagine two wonderful dogs making your life a little brighter and happier. Now, imagine the pain it brings when one of them suffers and dies a tragic death. That’s quite unbearable to think, right? Being able to care for loving dogs and create a bond with them is a rare gift. But what happens when one of our dogs need to leave our sides and pass on? What happens when it’s time for them to go??


Clancy and Chase, brothers and loving Golden Retrievers are well-loved in their small community. Constant fixtures of St. Mary’s Church in Greenwich, Connecticut, the brothers were local celebrities. Adopted by Bill and Barbara Gorgas, Clancy and Chase were a delight to have. Bill and Barbara felt very lucky to have the brothers in their home. Alas, 9 and ½-year-old Clancy was diagnosed with cancer and sadly, passed away. Bill and Barbara find strength in the fact that Clancy is now resting and free from suffering.

“Bill and Barbara opened their hearts and home to Clancy and Chase,” said Terry Blevin, a St. Mary parishioner, who organized the Gorgases’ adoption of the dogs. “They treated the dogs like family. This last year was the best year of Clancy’s life.”

You can read the touching story by Paul Schott here – http://www.greenwichtime.com/news/


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