FIND OUT How Deaf Dog Successfully Rescued From Harm

A sad news broke the residences of Huntsville: A DEAF dog got trapped in one of the big crevices in Alabama.

– A tiny puppy got itself stuck in a literally huge predicament.
– Sadly, the puppy turned out to be deaf.
– This deaf puppy got stuck in a 50-foot crevice.

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A seven-week-old deaf puppy got stuck in a 50-foot-big crevice. Residences and rescuers were so worried about the situation, and everyone just wanted the poor puppy to be on the safe ground again.

The rescue operations lasted for two days. The firefighters and police were doing their best to retrieve the tiny dog from Friday to Saturday, and it was not in vain. They were finally able to save the puppy, with no further injuries, thankfully.

The owner is overwhelmed by the support they are getting, the show of love was unending, according to the dog lover who was just so happy to get the dog back in safety.

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