Dog Attack- If They Were My Daughters, I Would Be Outraged!

Is this dog attack incident involving 2 young siblings from Montreal, Canada be the turning point for animal control laws?


-Two young kids were attacked on August 19 by a dog that their grandmother was caring for
-Montreal city administrators are set to vote on stronger animal welfare.
-The new legislation will focus on dog owners instead of specific breeds.


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A seven-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister in Montreal North sustained dog bites on their arm and head on Sunday. They were attacked by the same aggressive dog on separate incidents just hours apart from each other.


The city council is now deciding whether more stringent regulations involving potentially dangerous dogs and the people who can own them should be placed. Previous laws focused more on dog breeds, but it was hard to implement and ineffective.


The police in the area contained the aggressive dog and turned him over to the SPCA Montreal branch. The mayor said the dog will be euthanized and called for dog owners to take more responsibility for their dogs.


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Read more about the incident and the proposed law here:


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