After 6 long days Two Little Dachshunds Were Safely (Video)

How could two little dachshunds survive the cold with scarce food and water?

They could have died due to hypothermia or got eaten by coyotes in the woods. Their survival is truly a miracle. The dachshunds Polly and Cami disappeared running after a deer in the yard. It was difficult for the Elam family to search for their dogs due to the heavy snow.

What happened next?

The Elam family heard Cami’s bark outside their house. They were glad to see Cami, but Polly wasn’t trailing behind. They were so worried and continued to search for the other dog. One day, someone called Janice Elam to report a really hungry dachshund. Her prayer was answered and the two little dachsie reunited for Thanksgiving. It was more a recovery search at this point, Elam said, and her neighbors were looking, too.

“I was out searching, and I can see through the woods, two farms, one on
either side of us, the flashlights of our neighbors looking for her,
Elam said.

But it didn’t matter, because no one found Polly – at least, no one who knew he did. Then, on Saturday afternoon, the phone rang. It was the answer to Janice Elam’s prayers. The voice identified himself as someone who’d found “a really hungry dachshund,” Elam said.

The man said he and a fellow hunter were out pursuing deer – an irony not lost on the Elams – when they came upon Polly, read her tag and phoned her home. One of Janice Elam’s sons, Kyle, drove out to meet the hunters and collect Polly. The men had a deer in the back of their truck. They wouldn’t take any money, and they seemed in a hurry to go, he said.

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