The Cutest Dog Adoption Story Ever!🐕🐶

Firefighters are already considered heroes because of the work they do, but this one firefighter goes the extra mile.

– Patrick Cullen is a fireman from Draper City.
– Cullen, however, does more than just put out fire.
– According to news, Cullen also saved and adopted a fire survivor not so long ago.

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A wildfire broke in California’s Mendocino, and one of the fortunate survivors was a dog who was rescued by Draper City local firefighter Patrick Cullen.

According to Cullen, when he discovered the poor dog, it looked dehydrated and very skinny. It did not appear as beautiful as it looks now, but Cullen knew even back then that the German Shepherd dog was a special one.

The fireman was not contented with simply rescuing the dog, Cullen also wanted to adopt and take care of the stray dog for the rest of its life. In memory of where they met, Cullen named his new friend Mendocino, to remind him that he is a brave survivor!

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