I’ve Never Seen A More Cruel Way To Treat A Dog

Who would’ve thought that a serious crime would be discovered when an animal abuse was reported to the police?

– The local police at Butler County were quick to respond to a call.
– It was a report of an animal abuse at the Baymont Inn.
– A concerned individual said that a dog was tied to a luggage rack.

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The police were in for a big surprise when they responded to a distress call that was initially for animal abuse. When they arrived at the Baymont Inn, the police was expecting to handle a simpler case, but it turned out that from animal abuse it escalated quickly to drug charges.

There were a total of three suspects that were reprimanded for possession of illegal drugs last August 28, as those three individuals were also the ones responsible for the animal abuse that was initially reported.

The three suspects have been rightfully-charged with illegal possession of multiple pills and two bag of white crystal-like substance.

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Read Bob Ratterman’s full article here – https://www.journal-news.com.

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