Terrier That Bit Crocodile’s Tail… See What Happened Next!!!

A small dog named “Dumb Blonde” was given the name because of her unusual habit of biting on crocodile’s tail.

– There was a social media sensation, a video footage of a tiny dog biting on a crocodile’s tail.
– The video went viral and many people can’t believe the bravery of the small dog.
– Majority of the viewers thought it was a dumb thing to do, so the small dog was called “dumb blonde”.

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If you’ve visited any social media platform, you must’ve seen the viral video of a tiny dog biting on an adult crocodile’s tail. According to the dog’s owner, Kai Hansen, the dog has been into this unusual habit for years.

They initially found it cute, the scene of a small furry dog attacking a huge reptile’s tail. Hansen even documented some of her dog’s “adventures”, and she didn’t expect it would be shared and go viral over a short period of time.

Hansen is sad to report though that her dog, who was named “Dumb Blonde” by many social media users, is NOW DEAD due to a crocodile retaliation. The small dog got attacked back by one of the crocodiles, and that’s really a sad way to go.

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Read Nicole Pierre and Sam Duncan’s full story here – http://www.dailymail.co.uk.

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