Siberian 🐶 Husky Cries: “Get That Thing Off Me”❓

The video has over 5,982,481 ( 5.9 Mio ) video views!! Why this??

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Have your dog tried the services of a mobile pet grooming?

Instead of going to their clinic to have your dog fixed, they will come to your house. Inside the car, your pet will be taken care.

However, the question is, does your dog love it? Or, does he feel like being tortured just like Thunder, an adorable Siberian Husky?

Watch the video below of Thunder, a Siberian Husky, who seems like crying every time he is taking a bath.

Obviously, Thunder does not like the blower. It seems like he is begging to get it off him.

According to his owner, he wants Rita to get inside and get him. Poor dog! He must hate taking a bath and having a blower.

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