Mom Dog Protect Her Puppies During Hurricane

mom protect from hurricane

Someone has rightly said that a mother is the most beautiful creation of God. She is always there to take care of you and protect you no matter what. Even if the mother is a dog, she never fails to take care of her puppies. During a category 4 hurricane, when the floodwaters became high, this adorable dog protects her puppies carried all of them to a safe place.

When they were finally saved by the rescuers, the mother dog was grateful. She finally knew that she could rest. After they arrived at the shelter, mom dog and all her puppies immediately adopted. They get loving forever families.

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The mom named Abilene enjoys an outdoor adventure with her new parent and loves her life. However, the family stays in touch and after one year, the rescuers arrange a reunion party. All the puppies and their mom come together in one place.

Initially, Abilene is hesitant and tries to hideaway. However, the pups soon realize that Abilene is someone special. It is like they instantly remember her and try to play with her. After a while, Abilene also opens up and has a blast. It turned out to be a great reunion for the entire family.

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