You Won’t Believe What The COPS Did To This Captured DOG!

In Florida, an aggressive dog that was apprehended by the cops turned into a service dog.

– There were two dogs that were apprehended by the cops in Delaware.
– One dog was accidentally shot during the commotion.
– The other dog was accidentally run over by the police car but survived.

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A german shepherd mixed-breed dog was found to be aggressive, so Florida cops decided to apprehend it, together with another dog.

During the encounter, the two dogs were reportedly fighting back so badly that the police had to use their weapons and their car to get near them in order to catch them, to avoid causing any public trouble.

Sadly, one of the dogs was accidentally shot and died immediately. The other dog was accidentally run over by the police car, but luckily survived the ordeal.

The police were able to catch the injured dog and decided to let the dog undergo a behavioral training in order to tame the furry creature. After the training the dog, who’s now called “Atari”, he will likely join the K9 unit of the Florida police department.

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