What Is The Confession Of A Blind Dog Owner?

What will you do if someday you lose your sight? The world you usually enjoy seeing becomes dark. Before you can do almost anything and you can go to different places. However, now that you are blind, everything has changed. “Is life still worth living?” You may ask yourself. Yes, it is, especially if you have a dog like a Musket.

A dog owner Carlson has become blind which is why he has his Golden Labrador Retriever, named Musket. Musket does not only serve as his guide, but it changes his life. Musket serves as his eyes for him to see the world. He is a great companion. He does not feel his disability because of his dog. Because of these, he has written the book “Confessions of a Guide Dog: The Blonde Leading the Blind.”

“When seeing-impaired, there’s anonymity. But with a guide dog, you’re part of a team,” Carlson said. “Disabilities are a hard sell. People are uncomfortable being around someone with a disability, and they don’t approach you.”

For that reason, he wrote the book to help people feel more comfortable about approaching someone with a disability.