5 Most Common Dog Breeds in Shelters

dog shelter

A website called PetBreeds gathers substantial data regarding cats and dogs. Some of these data include lifespan, temperament, and characteristics of various breeds, tendency to shed, among others. As you can imagine, PetBreeds is quite helpful for families trying to find the perfect pet.

Yet another interesting data that the website collected was done back in 2015 when they compiled a list of 25 most common dog breeds found in shelters. The dog shelter is a place where abandoned, lost, stray or surrendered dogs are kept and given rehabilitation. There are shelters that do not kill these animals, but most actually euthanize animals that are sick. Sadly, they also kill those that aren’t claimed quickly enough.

In fact, in Europe for example, only four countries prevent the killing of animals in animal shelters. In the United States, states regulate dog shelters so that the inhumane treatment of these animals is avoided. The good news is, a lot of dog shelters, and animal shelters in general, nowadays have lots of programs that promote the well-being of their animals. 

For example, shelters are active in controlling the population of pets in their respective communities. Shelters are also promoting studies regarding health, behavior, and adoption. 

American Pit Bull Terrier: During 2015, there are 5,435 Pit Bulls available for adoption in shelters. This is no surprise, given how the media misrepresents the temperament of this dog breed


Pit Bulls are highly discriminated in U.S. media as being dangerous dog breeds.

Pitbulls get a bad reputation because attacks from these dogs are becoming more and more common. However, some advocates, including Sara Enos, founder of the American Pit Bull Foundation, people shouldn’t blame the Pit Bulls; rather, they should blame the owners for the behavior of their pets. Enos said that the reason for all the attacks all point towards owner responsibility.

Any dog breed, when not treated properly, can be aggressive. Indeed, many Americans these days are trying to reverse the image of Pit Bulls, saying these dog breeds could be softer if they are treated humanely. 


The second most common dog breed in shelters in the U.S. is quite popular during the 90s…

Chihuahua: As mentioned in the previous page, Chihuahuas are quite popular during the 90s. Their popularity surged when they starred in various Hollywood movies, including Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Legally Blonde.


During that decade, Chihuahuas were also ever-present among celebrities, as they for a time became the pet of choice among famous actors and actresses. Unfortunately, many Chihuahua owners failed to realize that these dogs are more than just fixtures. They require lots of care and attention, just like any other pet.

Chihuahuas can be quite lively and high-spirited, although they are loving and intelligent. When people realized it takes lots of time and effort to take care of Chihuahuas, many were sent to animal shelters for adoption. Back in 2015, Chihuahuas had the second-largest number available for adoption at 3,725. In some shelters, like those in Los Angeles, the amount of Chihuahuas for adoption has been so high they’ve been asking other shelters in other states to help with the load.

The third most common dog breed in shelters is the most popular dog breed….

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