This Is One Of The Most Common Debates About Dogs!!!!🐕🐶

Dog debates are NEVER pleasant, especially ones that involve a public confrontation!

– Have you ever been engaged in a dog debate?
– No pet owner would want their beloved dog to cause anyone else inconvenience,.
– There are some people who just can’t help but HATE dogs no matter what!

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Probably one of the most embarrassing moments a dog lover could have is when a stranger approaches them, and educate them on how to raise and discipline their dogs! The most common tendency is, people raise their voice in public and the humiliating part begins.

There is absolutely no pet owner in the world who would want to cause anybody any harm or at the very least any inconvenience! So when a dog debate starts, it’s usually the pet owner that want to get it over with.

So as pet owner, how can you control such confrontations especially when done in a public place?

The answer is very simple: RESPECT!

According to experts, the first thing that people should watch out for is the tone and volume of their voice. They need to make sure that they do not start shouting at each other, so that the debate become reasonable and productive.

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