A Coffeeshop That’s PERFECT For Dogs And Dog Lovers!!!

Some dogs are just lucky to have fur parents who want to spoil them and give them the BEST of everything.

– If you are a fur parent and want nothing less than the best for your pet dog, then this cafe is perfect!
– This cafe is so fancy, that your dog is sure to have the best day of their life!
– It offers tea parties and cupcakes, custom-made for your fur babies to love and enjoy!

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I know, the first thing you want to know is WHERE is this cafe located?

The cafe is called Blondes Coffee Shop, and with its very dog-friendly and dog-themed shop. It earned a much-deserved nomination for the being the Best Dog Friendly Place during the Dog Friendly Awards this year 2019.

The category that it was nominated for is in the Cafe/Restaurant category, and it was indeed a good entry for the said award. the winners were chosen by the the public .

Blondes Coffee Shop is located at Nottingham.

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Know more about this cute little cafe in Sophie Kitching’s article – https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk.

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