“I Only Listen To My Master … Me” A Sassy Dachshund Puppy


The cute Doxie video has over 2,397,643 ( 2.3 Mio ) views!!

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maridepp53 writes in the video comments:
omg when he puts his head down!!! ❤️

Do dogs always obey their master? With positive reinforcement, yes perhaps they obey.

However, what if you have a sassy puppy, who does not listen to your command, will you get angry at him?

Nah, I doubt it especially if you have a cute puppy like the one in the video.

Watch the video below of this cute and sassy dachshund puppy. His owner is instructing him not to play with the pillow because he has his own toys.

However, the puppy insisted. Oh, have you noticed the way he looks at his owner? So cute and adorable, isn’t he?

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It seems like he is begging to his owner, “can I just play and stay here on the pillow please?”

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