😍 Would You Choose A Dog To Be Your Work Partner? 🐕

Being a law enforcer is NOT an easy job, a lot of criminals are leveling up their game and it is indeed a very risky line of work.

– If you noticed, majority of police would prefer to have a dog as a companion, over any other animals.
– Why are dogs the most suitable animal companions for our police officers?
– What do dogs have that they are the ideal candidate for any police officer when it comes to picking a partner in crime-fighting work?

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An interview with police officer Kevin Gagne reveals that it is true, dogs are a cop’s best friend! Not only at home, but also at work, and most especially when duty calls!

Gagne’s partner in fighting crime is Scout, a Yellow Labrador, who has been nothing but excellent when doing his job. Proving that canines are the best K-9 officers there could be.

Scout’s best asset, according to Gagne, is his sharp sniffing ability. Scout could prevent them from walking into a trap, and he can also help capture criminals who try to escape their custody.

The skills can be trained of course, but nothing beats a DOG’S innate LOYALTY!

This is probably the most important reason why dogs are always a great choice when choosing a partner in a field of work where lives are placed in the line.

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Read Lindsay Tice’s full report – http://www.sunjournal.com.

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