Dogs get cold too. Sure they have lots of fur (depending on the breed) but they still feel freezing temperatures especially during the winter periods. Hence, what can you do to ensure they stay their best crisp selves even during the lowest temperatures? Get them a chilly dog sweater of course. These sweaters are great for keeping the cold at bay, they are stylish and can really lighten up your mood.


Not sure on the type of chilly dog sweaters to get? We’re going to give you a little visualization of the ones you’re likely to see in supply stores and online markets. But first there’s something you should definitely know. Just as humans come in different sizes and each size has different needs with respect to clothing, that’s the same way it works for dogs. These chilly dog sweaters come in different sizes for different breeds. You’ll have to assert yourself with the size of your dog before purchasing a sweater for him. Now that’s over with, let’s get to the fun part.


  1. When getting a chilly dog sweater, be sure to take note of the type of fabric that was used in its making. Most chilly dog sweaters are made of wool. This fabric keeps its host warm all through the course of wearing it. With a chilly dog sweater made of wool, your dog will most likely thrive through any freezing temperature.


2. Chilly dog sweaters are meant to be easy on the skin. Technically for your dog, that’s his fur but some sweaters tend to be very itchy. You’re going to get a sweater that is hypoallergenic to you and your dog. Wool can be itchy but there are versions of wool that are really cool to the skin, this is what you should look for. Something warm and smooth as well.




3. Consider getting a chilly dog sweater that is season appropriate. The dog in the picture has a Christmas themed chilly sweater on. The fabric is obviously wool but you can see it’s also really smooth. Your dog will not only be very warm but he will equally be the most festive looking dog in the room.



4. This handmade chilly dog sweater is very cozy. It is wool made and hand knitted. Coming with a beautiful and sharp color blend, your dog will look really smart in one of these. Also, when getting a chilly dog sweater be sure to get one without sleeves. This ensures easy and swift movement of your favorite four legged pet.

Chilly dog sweaters can be festive, warm and easy on the skin. There are of so many types in the market today, it’s important to arm yourself with these tips before going shopping.


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