Lost Her Puppy What She Did After You Wont Believe (Video)

Can you imagine what a mother dog will feel when she discovers that her puppies have already go to heaven? She must feel sad and depress because of her loss.

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Do you believe that not only humans mourn, but also the animals? They may not be able to speak about it, but you can see it on their actions. Just like Penny, she lost her puppies.

But you will be amazed at how she copes up with her situation. Her owner is even trying to cheer her up. They try to look for A homeless puppy in need.

The video below will make you cry. Penny lost her puppies. Everybody knows that she is grieving although she couldn’t say it. But everybody is also surprised by the way she handles with her sadness.

Everybody is looking for the kittens when they find them at Penny’s care. She nurses the kittens. Perhaps, she thinks these are her puppies. This is true love! Share this great video on Facebook!

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