Wiener Winners: Ready For A Dachshund Race?

Who does not love to watch a dog race? Surely, everybody loves to watch the different dog breeds running on a track, especially if your own dog is a part of it. Can you just imagine your mixed emotions battling for excitement, happiness, and anxiety if who is going to win? If your dog wins, your happiness and fulfillment can be so much more.

There were 90 dogs that joined the race during the 13th annual Dachshunds on Parade in historic downtown Ellensburg, Cowboy. This race-tested their speed and focus. Some of them really focused their eyes to their owners while others were distracted with the treats. Can you imagine how cute they were? Certainly, everybody enjoyed the event and went home with a smile on their face. (This video is just related, but we love it)

“Some dogs instead tried to perform tricks, ran the other way, laid down to rest or stopped to use the bathroom.
After the first five heats, the final four dogs included Sal, Ben, Max, and Cowboy. In the finals, Cowboy edged out Max to win his first-ever championship.”

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