German Shepherd

A dog’s barking can be quite a disturbance especially when you want nothing but some peace and quiet. There are many tips by which dog owners use to stop the frequent dog barking such as offering treats and giving them the attention they need.


In this post, we will highlight some Cesar’s tips on how to stop dog barking and hope that you will be able to deal with your dog’s excessive barking with ease.


Correct the Behavior and Be Consistent


You can easily tell your dog to quit his barking by just giving him a look or a sound correction. However, you need to be consistent with the correction as he might just stop for a bit and resume the barking again.


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Stay Calm


Dogs are extremely sensitive and if you are not calm when trying to get him to stop barking, he will keep on with it as he is basically picking up from your energy.  Try to calm yourself before correcting the problem.


Challenge Your Dog


Sometimes, a dogs incessant barking might just be his way of releasing his pent up energy. You can control this by challenging him to more mental and physical activities such as longer walks, and even obedience games.


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