Dachshunds in Minion Costumes Are TOO CUTE To Handle!

The video below has over 9.4 Million views!! Who says costumes are only for humans?

Have you seen dogs wearing their costume attire, particularly the ones like Minions?


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Most probably, you can’t even imagine it. However, since the obsession for Minions has gone too far, this is possible.

Do you love to see your dog wearing their Minion costume? Surely, you do.

Watch the video below about Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, who is popular on the Internet because of wearing ridiculous costumes.

He is caught in this video while wearing Minion attire together with his brother, Oakley. They are really funny but cute.

You will love them as they are trying to get the ball and wag their tails with their fake arms and dungarees.


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