Cat Who Missed His Best Friend Finds A Reason To Love Again


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This adorable cat is called Luigi and in every vacation with his Dad, he loves to just sit on top of the backpack like an owl.

He has a best friend named Bandito, who is a pug and they both get along really well. They go on treks with their Dad and their personality really thrives in nature.

They play, have fun and explore the new places together. Bandito usually loved to take the lead for any act of bro mincing and it was always a pleasure to see them.

They totally relied on each other and felt extremely comfortable in each other’s company. Even though they loved fighting, they would resolve their issues by dinner time.

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It was surprising to see them in their best behavior when it was time for dinner. It was as if they conspired together to make their Dad give them food on time.

Things were great until one day their Dad felt Bandito was not his usual self. He was breathing heavily and lethargic so they rushed him to the doctor.

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