🐶Another Careless Gun Owner KILLS DOG!😭🐶

Dog owners have one of the most important issues to deal with as pet owners, that is the neighbor.

– Sometimes, it’s just plain bad luck when dog lovers live next to dog haters.
– Disputes are very common between neighbors, especially when they have conflicting opinions about pets.
– Celina Diiorio endured this situation with her not-so-friendly neighbor Zachary Halaj.

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Celina Diiorio claims that there has been history of confrontation between her and neighbor Zachary Halaj. The confrontation was usually about Diiorio’s little puppies crossing over the fence and playing Halaj’s adult dog.

Halaj has already warned and threatened Diiorio that he doesn’t want the small puppies within his property, nor playing with his adult dod. He even said he would hurt the puppies if ever they were to trespass again.

Unfortunately, it did happen again, and Diiorio admits that she did not expect that Halaj would end up killing one of the two 9-month-old puppies.

Aside from that, Halaj used a gun to threatened Diiorio’s 8-year-old boy when the boy tried to save the puppy that was shot dead by Halaj.

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