How Can I Care For My 🐶 Dog In ❄️ Wintertime ❓


If you are wondering about caring for a dog in winter, there is a strong chance that you are keeping him or her outside rather than in the house.

While many people advocate keeping dogs indoors as part of the family, there is nothing wrong with keeping your dog outside so long as it has adequate food and shelter.

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The thing to remember however, is that the definition of adequate will change during the winter months. let’s take a look at a few tips and hints regarding winter care for your favorite pooch.

The Doghouse

If your dog is to remain outside for any length of time, he or she will require a dog house, and this is typically something that you will want to build yourself.

For the coming winter, it would be a good idea to give your dog plenty of room, but also to insulate the walls of the structure so that the cold winter temperatures will be kept at bay. You will also want to insulate the roof, of course, and leave nothing to chance.

Food and Water

You will need to replace food daily, unless of course you have invested money in an automatic feeder for your four legged friend. Another major concern for the winter however will be water.

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If you took basic Earth science, there is a good chance you know that water freezes at a certain temperature, and with that being the case, it would be a good idea to ensure that you use a heated bowl.

As always, if you do so, make sure that the cord for said bowl is out of the dog’s reach, and that you constantly check to ensure the water is still heated.

Fortunately these types of bowls do not have a high failure rate and will help to keep your dog hydrated throughout the winter. The biggest downside however is that while they are nice, they do not always have the greatest capacity. Still, they are your best option.

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