Canine Goes The EXTRA MILE To Solve Crime!👍🐕

An assault suspect from Kalamazoo had been arrested after a K-9 officer chased after him.

– After more than 1,400 yards of chase, the K-9 officer was finally able to capture an assault suspect.
– According to the Police Department, the suspect threatened people with a firearm.
– The suspect then ran away from the law enforcers, and the chase was not a short one.

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The Police was given a dispatch call about a man who threatened several people with a gun. The assault suspect did his best to outrun the cops, but after more than 1,400 yards of chasing, the K-9 officer was able to apprehend the suspect.

The K-9 officer, Zeu, and his handler had to track down the suspect along the JK Avenue and 28th Street in the Comstock Township. A warrant was awaiting the man, who was quick to run away from his charges.

All this commotion took place on a Weekend, when the streets of Kalamazoo county is up and busy.

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