Could Canine Be The Cure For English Football Team Sickness?

⛔ Could Canine Be The Cure For English Football Team Sickness???

Do you want to stop getting so stressed about the World Cup? Then watch Harry Canine.

-English football and Harry Kane fans are gearing up to support their team during the World Cup.
-Doctors note there is usually an increase in cases of heart and blood pressure problems during these matches.
-Dr Jeff Foster reminds fans to look after their health while cheering their team on.

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London is on the edge of its seat as the match between England and the opposing teams unfolds. Every true fan knows just how stressful it can be on your hormones and emotions.

A British doctor, Jeff Foster, however, warns the public to be mindful of the physical effects of watching these matches at home. A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that heart rate and blood pressure levels become significantly higher when watching a soccer match at home, increasing the likelihood of heart attacks especially when teams are neck and neck.

Foster advised fans to make sure to breathe, avoid caffeine and exercise. He also believes diverting your attention to puppy football online streams can be beneficial as a way to deal with stress.

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