Can A Tiger And A Dog Grow Up Together(Video)


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You should watch the video on the next page. When you see a tiger, how will you feel?
Are you just confident to stay closer to it? Or, are you afraid to even look at it as it may eat you?

However, do you think it is possible for a dog and a tiger to be together without biting each other? What do you think made the tiger and the dogs good friends?

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You must watch the video below. You will see that these dogs and tiger are good friends. They are comfortable being together; maybe because they grow up together.

In fact, they are playing. This video is their morning play session. The tiger is legally captive bred. Indeed, nothing is impossible. This shows that animals can be trained to be good friends.

They have been grown up together and are good friends. The video shows them in their morning play sessions. The tiger is legally captive bred and born in USA.

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