How A Dog Ease The Stress And Tension In A Chicago Courtroom?

Have you heard of therapy dogs? It’s the most wonderful thing, isn’t it? Imagine working in a high-stress environment, meeting deadlines and taking care of clients when suddenly, in the middle of a busy working day, along comes an adorable dog, wagging its tail, asking you for a belly rub. Won’t that take away all your worries? Dogs have that amazing power, don’t they? They spread happiness and cheer.


Meet the newest staff of the Chicago County Courtroom, Mitchel the Yellow Lab. A new bill was recently signed into law in the state of Illinois for Mitchel, a canine therapy assistant, to provide much-needed comforts to crime victims such as children who have suffered from severe abuse. Mitchel probably has one of the most important jobs in the courtroom, right? Children traumatized by constant abuse will feel safer and more secure with the presence of Mitchel, padding softly around, emanating a feeling of warmth and love. (Related Service Dog Video below)


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