Can A Little Dog And Donkey Be Friends See For Yourself!


You may have heard of odd couples, but when you see this video you will realize just how odd it can be.

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Yami writes in the video comments:
Aww, he’s a tiny, hairy cowboy 😉😙❤

This is the story of Yoda, a little dog, and Lily, a donkey who was saved from an overbreeding sanctuary. As Lily had a dark past, she did not know how to make friends and stayed alone.

Yoda gave her company and stayed by her side. He somehow developed an intense liking for Lily and would never leave her side.

Yoda loved riding on Lily and tuck her to bed every night like a loving friend.

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After a few days, another male donkey came to live in the sanctuary and Lily developed a crush on him. This led to one of the most unique yet beautiful love triangles.

For some days, Yoda was very possessive and he would bark every time he saw the other donkey. But, alas! Yoda was so small in size. Soon he realized that there was no other way than to accept the new friend.

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