Caged Dog In The Middle Of House Fire! Did It Survive?

Housefires are dangerous, especially when trapped inside a cage, like this poor dog in the video!

– A house fire started in one of the residential homes in Chatsworth Circle.
– All the human occupants of the said house were accounted for, and has safely evacuated.
– One family member though, the family pet, was trapped inside the cage, in the middle of the burning house!

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When tragedy strikes, we can’t help but just literally “run for our lives”. Even when we are in the midst of our loved ones, we are by nature going to display the “every man for himself” reaction.

This is, unfortunately, what happened to a residential house that burned. The home was located in Chatsworth Circle, and although the family was able to escape the unfortunate event, their beloved pet dog was left inside – trapped in its cage, while the fire was engulfing the entire house.

A video was released showing the strong efforts of the local firefighters in rescuing the dog.

Were they successful?


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