Starting A Business? Here’s A Great Idea That Involves Dogs!

Two young girls become business entrepreneurs at such young age…
Can you guess where they owe their success to?

– Mekayla White and Madison LeBlanc are the young owners of “Bailey’s Dog Bakery”.
– Together, they purchased the dog treat bakeshop to start their own business.
– Both Mekayla White and Madison LeBlanc are learning so many practical things as they run their business.

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Hands-on and never feeling tired or bored, two young business-minded girls take full charge in running their dog treat bakeshop. The bakeshop is located in Dieppe, Nebraska.

Mekayla White and Madison LeBlanc are cousins, and together they purchased the said dog treat bakeshop, and have been enthusiastic in running it eve since.

The business is fairly new, less than a year old under their managements. Mekayla White is only 21 years old and Madison LeBlanc is only 10 years old,

Their specialties are simply irresistible for their customers’ pets, making them one of the most successful dog treat bake shop around the area.

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