Bulldog Is Scared Of Everything But Loves One Big Adventure

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This bulldog has fear of irrational things that can make you think that he’s a weirdo. He’s scared of cables, ladders, and even shiny floors.

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It’s fun to watch his moonwalk backward when he’s scared. The dog will walk straight when’s he’s normal and then tip-toe backward when he sees a shiny floor or anything that he finds fearful.

His Dad says it’s funny to see him like that and onlookers find it amusing too. The security guards of their building have taped him walk like that one many occasion. It’s funny for everyone around!

But there’s one thing the bulldog is not scared about and it is – helicopter rides. The dog’s human Dad is a pilot and he loves taking him on rides.

Surprisingly the dog that is afraid if everything loves to take the front seat and watch outside from the window.

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