Bringing Home A New Puppy

The awesome puppy video on next page has made over 400,000 views!! Bringing home a new puppy is a special experience not just for the owner but also for the little pup.

While the new family members try to make the puppy feel comfortable, the little one may either be inquisitive or scared on his first day.

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We would recommend that you don’t try to overwhelm your puppy on the first day by calling friends at home.

You will always have time for that later on. With so many people in the house, the puppy may feel lost and scared.

It’s better to keep it personal on the first day with just family members.

Let the puppy move around the house if he wants to and take in the smell of his home and owners.

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Make sure you spend enough time petting the little dog and make him feel at home in the new place.

If the puppy doesn’t feel comfortable in his new bed, you can let him sleep on your bed for the first day.

This will help in establishing a lifelong bond, and remember the first impression always matters even in the case of animals.

So make sure everyone takes care of the new member in the family.

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