❤️ How Did This Dog Break A Guinness World Record???

❤️ How Did This Dog Break A Guinness World Record???

What record is Hiroaki Uchida and his pet Jack Russell Terrier (Daifuku) attempting to break?

-This dog and his owner are part of an unusual circus.
-They were invited to attend a Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong
-The event was aimed at raising awareness for abandoned animals

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The Super Wan Wan Circus is very unique because, aside from humans, the only other members are dogs. Several of its members also hold titles in the Guinness World Records.

A sizeable crowd gathered as Hiroaki and Daifuku attempted to break the record for “Most jumps over a moving human leg by a dog in 30 seconds”. This title was previously held by a fellow member of the Wan Wan Circus.

The goal for attempting the record was to shed some light on the abandonment of animals. A lot of dogs in the Wan Wan Circus have also had similar experiences because they were left behind or taken to a shelter by their previous owners.

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Rean about this extraordinary dog and his owner here: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com.

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