Jumps In To Rescue His Sister From Angry Dad – Funny

Charlie, the dog, and his little puppy sister were alone in the house for 8 hours. I think you can already guess what followed after that. Look at these funny dog faces 😍😂

Yes, mayhem with the entire house looking like a playground. The dogs sit on the mess with an ‘ I didn’t do anything attitude’. As the human Dad walks into the room, he looks around and questions the puppy. While the puppy stays silent and looks guilty, we love Charlie’s reaction to this.

He immediately comes to the rescue of his little sister and starts kissing her. Now, can you possibly get mad at such cute pets? We know how bad it can be to leave pets at home and have to do all the cleaning.

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Even then, their cute antics and crazy behavior is sometimes just too adorable to get mad at them. I certainly don’t blame the owner. It’s amazing to see your two dogs bond with each other so well. Charlie’s behaving like a protecting big brother just melts our hearts.

Have you ever felt your dogs alone at home? Have you ever tried scolding them for the mess they create? It’s like they understand ‘scolding’ and try every possible way to pacify the parent!

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