🐕 How Did This Boy Save His Dog ❓ Find Out!


A genuine dog lover indeed! A young boy is willing to sell his beloved toys to help raise funds for a service dog’s medical expenses.

– The 10-year-old boy lives in New York City and he started selling his toys for the benefit of his service dog, Copper.
– The boy’s name is Connor Jayne, and Copper is his service dog.
– Connor usually gets anxiety attacks, and Copper helps him cope with that.

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Last June, a service dog named Copper, started limping. Copper is a Doberman and experts suspected that the limping was caused by Wobbler Disease. Copper is a service dog for a 10-year-old boy named Connor Jayne, who has anxiety attacks.

When Connor found out about his service dog’s serious condition, without any hesitation, he immediately organized a garage sale of his preloved toys. The intention was to raise enough money to start with his service dog’s surgery and other medical treatments.

Aside from selling his preloved toys, Connor and his family also initiated a GoFundMe account to raise more funds and ensure the medical procedures needed by Copper.

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