What Health Problems Do 🐶 Boxer Dogs Have ❓


There are so many things about Boxers that make them one of the best types of dogs around.

If you are interested in finding out what makes them so great, you are in the right place!

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This piece will give you the ins and outs of Boxers.

Boxers are descendants of two breeds of dogs, the Bulldog and the German Bullenbeisser (ancestors of Mastiffs).

The breed began in the late 1800’s when a German man, Georg Alt, bred a Bullenbeisser with an unknown breed.

When it comes to size, Boxers are definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. They can be anywhere from one foot, nine inches to two feet, one inch tall around the shoulders.

Their weight depends on their height, but they usually weigh in between 60 to 70 pounds. Unfortunately, they tend not to live as long as other dogs do; they have a lifespan average of 10 to 12 years.

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Boxers are commonly called “hearing guard dogs”. Basically, this means that they are very alert and watchful.

Are Boxers A Good Family Dog?

Contrary to what most people believe, they are usually not aggressive dogs, unless their human family or home is being threatened. When trained at an early age, Boxers can be the most friendly, playful dogs around!

In general, Boxers are usually healthy dogs. However, this does not mean they cannot be a victim of certain health issues.

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