Bomb Sniffing Dogs MUST Now Undergo CT Scan

An old technology, may have new use now, as science reveals that CT Scan can be helpful in choosing the best bomb sniffers in town.

– New findings reveal that there is a great way to detect a puppy’s bomb sniffing ability.
– Accordingly, scanning their brains can help assess if they have the skills to be the best bomb sniffing dog in town.
– This could be a useful and painless method of screening and choosing new service dogs in the police and fire departments.

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If you visit any public place with so many people, you might have spotted a canine bomb-sniffing dog on duty. Yes, they look cute while wearing their K-9 vest, but these fur buddies actually have an important work to do, to help protect us from any public danger.

K-9 unit dogs, especially bomb-sniffing dogs, undergo intense training to make sure that they have enough skill to do their work properly once they are on the field.

However, new research tells us that there are actually dogs who are born with natural ability to sniff bomb better, and it can be detected using an old and harmless medical procedure – a CT scan.

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