Bodhi The Modelling Shiba Inu Reveals His Fashion Secrets!

Who is the most stylish dog in the world? Meet Bodhi, a Shiba Inu, who has about 192,000 followers in Instagram as Menswear Dog.

Bodhi wears stylish clothes that will show men how to dress properly. Trust a dog to showcase the latest fashion trends in men.

This dog models what every man needs in a wardrobe. Having a style dilemma? Don’t worry because Bodhi got your back.

This dog earns a whopping $15,000 a month! His popularity started last 2013 when his designer owners David Fung and Yena Kim created a Tumblr account for him.

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From basic wear to business attires, Bodhi knows it all. He even got a modelling contract from designer brands such as Coach and Ferragamo. His advice to men? Wear clothes that are comfortable.

Bodhi’s “Menswear Dogma” lays out his 10 commandments for fashion. Here, five tips on building and styling your wardrobe from the dog himself.


Fit and fabric are the first things you should consider when shopping, Kim and Fung write. “Across the board, the most common mistake guys make is buying the wrong size,” Kim writes in the book. “It doesn’t matter how much you spend if the fit isn’t right.” Finding a good tailor is another one of Bodhi’s commandments.

Read more about the Shiba Inu’s fashion tips written by Carey Dunne at


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