Blind and Homeless Senior Dog Rescue

blind dog

This senior dog rescue video of a blind dog has already over 2.4 Million views!! Meet this senior dog who has spent almost his entire life living on the streets.

The neighbors said that he had been around and surviving like that nearly 10 years.  Can you imagine the predicament of the poor dog that is blind and cannot speak for himself? When the rescuers approached him, he had no clue that good times were finally knocking at the doorHe has probably never experienced human touch before so he simply walks away when the rescuers try to approach him. He, however, accepts the food that is thrown towards him. Although it was not easy to put the snappy snare at him, the rescuers finally succeeded.

Back at the shelter, he was slowly treated with love and care. For a dog who has spent most of his life on the streets, living inside a home felt a bit weird perhaps.  The rescuers were lucky to find a foster home who agreed to take care of the senior dog and help him enjoy his life. The rescuers named the dog Pharaoh and he is now safe in his foster home, sharing space with other siblings. He is finally learning to feel kindness and give love. We hope the rest of his life is filled with joy!

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