Where’s My Daddy ❓ Funny Blanket Trick On 🐶 Dogs

The Dog video on next page got 1,977,553 ( 1.9 Mio ) views in only 10 days!!! Whats the video about?

If you are feeling too stressed, just take a break and watch the video below. It is perhaps one of the cutest things that you have seen for a long time.

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We know that dogs love they families and they are fiercely loyal with their mom and Dad. Now, image what will happen if the Daddy suddenly disappeared one day in front of their eyes.

Will they be shocked? Surprised? The classic expression of dogs has been beautifully captured in this video

The dogs’ parents play a fun trick on the dogs using a blanket. Initially, they start with playing peek-a-boo and then they suddenly disappear leaving the dogs bewildered.

We love the expressions of the dogs that go from bewildered and shocked to perplexed.

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For a moment they try to take in what exactly happened and then they jump out of the bed or couch to see what happened to their human.

Dogs React To Magic Trick With Blanket – Watch Crazy Video On Next Page 🐶😍📺🔥➡️

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