Can Birds And Dogs Live Harmoniously??? 🐶

How do you make the most of your bird dog? Here’s how…

– Experts say that bird dogs are a hunter’s best companion.
– There are many persons trained to train bird dogs.
– As an owner, you need to learn these six basic tips in training your bird dog.

Why Not So Happy Video 🔥➡️ Puppy 🐶 Crying – Animal Rights Group Snatching Puppy From Homeless Man (Video)

Scott Miller has been training bird dogs for more years than he could remember, and he is indeed very passionate about this type of dog. Miller shares six of his own recipe when it comes to training his hunting companions.

1. Spend time and become closer to your bird dog.
2. Understand your bird dog’s unique behavior.
3. Every detail counts (big or small mistakes, correct it as soon as possible).
4. Praise your bird dog, let them know what they are doing right.
5. Keep training, daily, all year round. No excuses.
6. Treat your dog bird with some actual birds every now and then.

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