Big Old Dog Is Hungry For Love! Look How She Readily Gives In

Can you believe this, the video on next page received within 3 months over 985,282 views!! Sometimes dogs are neglected for years and they end up living in miserable conditions.

Dogs are meant to be domesticated and most of them cannot survive on their own. They want to feel love and have a family to take care of them. However, this giant dog was not so lucky.

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She is a large dog and she has spent most of her life neglected in the landfill. She just stayed there alone without any love and braving all the adverse weather conditions, still stayed strong.

While life has been unlucky to her, it looks like destiny finally took pity on her. She is rescued by a wonderful team run by Dr. Viktor and is finally in a safe place. Look at the video to see the poor dog’s reaction when she’s petted for the first time. She has such an endearing expression on her face and she lets the staff rub her more.

GIANT dog spent her life alone in a landfill… she only wanted LOVE! Watch Video On Next Page ❤🐾📺🔥➡

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