funny dog video – Pit Bull Loves To Be Treated Like A Baby

funny dog video

If you thought Pit bulls were scary or mean, you must definitely watch the video below. just at this funny dog faces🐶 😍


The couple saw this Pit Bull for adoption on Facebook and there was something about his happy clown face.


Felipe writes in the video comments:
OMG IM Crying HES SO HAPPY and it made me smile so much!! I would baby him all day 😄😄😂


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They immediately adopted him and brought him home. It was a tough ride initially as he behaved like a 3-year-old child.


He threw tantrums for everything. It took several training sessions to help him learn to listen to his parents.


Meaty is now an adorable dog and a darling baby for his Dad and Mom. While Meaty loves them both, he seems to love Daddy more.


He particularly likes it when Dad babies him like a child. Meaty loves to be carried like a baby and all that endless belly rubs.


According to his Mom, the couple has had Pit bulls since 2006 but they have seen people cross the path to avoid them. However, with Meaty it is different.


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