Can 🐶 Dog Allergies Kill Me?

What are the signs, symptoms, and solutions for dog allergies?

– Keep track of your dog’s food intake.
– Avoid areas and seasons with high pollen levels.
– Regular cleaning and grooming help when avoiding allergies.

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Food allergies are rare for dogs. However, there are some ingredients that could trigger dog allergies more than the others.

These could be meats, grains, or dairy and egg. It may also be food that has too much fat, too much fiber or lacking in fiber.

Symptoms could be diarrhea, vomiting or anything unusual appearing on the skin or ears. Once these signs appear, visit your local veterinarian for examination and treatment.

Regularly bathe and groom your pet. Avoid pollens and reduce them in the house by using humidifiers and air purifiers

Allergic reactions seem to occur more in Setters, Retrievers, Terriers, and flat-faced breeds. As long as you know the signs to look out for, then you will when to seek veterinary help.

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