🐶 Dog And 🐱 Cat Kissing❓ (Watch the video)

Why has this video over 4,182,770 ( 4.1 Mio ) views??

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Denis writes in the video comments:
That ending was so freaking adorable!!!!!!!

Most of the time, cats and dogs are considered enemies.

However, does this always happen? Do you think cats and dogs do not have the chance to be good friends?

If they are, can you imagine how cute they look together?

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Lucky are those owners who have cats and dogs that do not fight. Having them at home will make the world a better place.

Watch the video below of Koda and Keelo. The owners rescued Koda, the kitten that became a best friend of their dog Keelo.

You will love seeing them together. They would cuddle on the floor and play together.

In fact, they don’t want to be separated. It seems like they have their own world, and they know each other’s language.

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