Who Are The 5 🐶 Best Dogs for 🏃 Running

dog for runners

Dogs can be great workout partners. They are typically in great shape and are energetic.

Most dogs also like to live an active lifestyle, and are always happy and enthusiastic when you run with them.

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According to Shelly Lebowitz, head trainer and president of Shelly’s School for Dogs located in New Jersey, a lot of dogs can run with you.

However, despite this running nature, they are still like humans in that they need adequate exercise to properly build their muscles and enhance their tolerance.

There are also certain dog breeds that aren’t equipped for running, such as those with flat noses like French bulldogs, pugs and Boston Terriers.

The reason is that these dogs typically have breathing problems and can easily overheat.

There are also types of dogs that can run better than others in different types of terrain. Whatever the case, certain dog breeds aren’t fit for running, while others would give everything to run short or long distances.

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Greyhounds and Huskies are examples of dogs that are bred to be runners. The same goes for working dogs. Bulldogs and pugs can’t run for long distances because they easily run short of breath and overheat.

The first dog breed that is the best for running is originally a sheep herder…Learn More On Next Page ➡️🐶📺🔥➡️ ( Link Below )

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