3 Best Dog Breeds for Cold Weather

Newfoundland dog

Are you the kind of person who thinks winter is the most beautiful season? If you’re the kind of person that likes cold, freezing temperatures and walking in wet snow, then you should get a dog that likes it as much as you do. Dogs that like cold weather obviously has some physical characteristics that suit the environment. For one, they have thick and dense coats that act as insulation for their bodies.

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Northern dog breeds have this trait, allowing them to adapt to the harsh environment. They also have furry and stout paws which makes walking on icy paths easy for their feetMoreover, these dog breeds have extra fat layers for more insulation. Having said that, these cold weather-suited dog breeds do have their own unique characteristics.

Even if these dogs are suited for the cold weather, it is still not advisable to keep them outside for too long. Even the most insulated of dogs need the warmth and protection that a home offers. Do you live in the mountains where the temperature can go so low its uncomfortable? Well, the following dog breeds that suit cold weather best maybe just for you.

The first dog breed that’s best for cold-weather looks like a wolf… 

Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. They originated from Scandinavia, and as the name suggests, was used to hunt Elks in the cold regions of the country. Nowadays, this dog breed is rarely used for its original purpose. Like a pet dog, they are great at hiking activities because of their endurance, agility, and other characteristics.

The Norwegian Elkhound is also noted for its protective nature. It is also always ready to go out in long escapades especially in the snowy terrain. The Norwegian Elkhound has a soft outer coat with a woolly inner coat for that extra protection from the cold. Training the Norwegian Elkhound for obedience can be tricky. They are quite independent and are usually self-governing, however, they are friendly, trustworthy, courageous and vigilant.

The second dog breed that’s best for cold weather originally hails from Tibet…

Tibetan Terrier

It’s really cold out in Tibet, and so the Tibetan Terrier has many physical traits that allow them to endure the exceptionally cold environment. One of these traits is the round, big and flat paws that they can use to really grip the thick snow. They kind of resemble snowshoes in purpose. The Tibetan Terrier also has a double coat for extra insulation. That way they can go out on outdoor hikes in the snow. 

Tibetan Terriers were originally bred in monasteries to serve as companions. Their temperament is that they love being around people and are friends with almost anyone. Tibetan Terriers may have a shaggy coat that looks attractive, aside from its insulating purpose, but this coat requires lots of grooming. As a medium-sized dog, Tibetan Terriers are capable of adapting to even small-spaced living conditions. Also, they can tolerate hot weather as much as they do cold weather.

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The third dog breed that’s best for cold weather is a large dog from Canada… 


The Newfoundland is a big and strong dog breed. It is named after the place it originated from, which is, Newfoundland, Canada of course. This dog breed was originally bred as a working dog, pulling nets for fishermen and hauling wood chopped from the forest.

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As a hardworking and capable dog, the Newfoundland is great both at water and land. In fact, Newfoundland is a great swimmer. It is also responsive and sweet-natured, which makes it a great addition to any family looking for a pet dog. Newfoundlands are exceptional at tolerating cold weather. In fact, they are well-known for saving people that have been buried deep in snow or caught in other unfortunate tragedies. The Newfoundland loves being around their family so much.

They do often experience separation anxiety when left behind by their human pack. Newfoundlands are also well-known for their very loud bark, which can be quite terrifying and intimidating, all good qualities of a guard dog.

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