Dog owners are constantly on the lookout for great dog food for their furry friends.


You might have been feeding your dog dry, wet, raw or natural meals all through last year and although these are incredible choices, you need to carry out some light research to find out whether these meals are still healthy for your dog.


When it comes to dog food, you shouldn’t compromise. High quality meals will make your dog a lot healthier, increase his immunity and energy and give him a very shiny coat.  There are amazing, good quality dog food available across different budgets so we are sure that you would definitely find something that aligns with your purse.



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Some of the best Dry Dog Foods are: Fromm Gold, Fromm Classic, Tender and True, Horizon Amicus and Orijen Tundra



Some of the best Wet Dog Foods are: Nature’s Logic, Nutri Source, Evanger’s Organics and Wellness Simple.


We chose top dog food brands by carrying out the necessary research and removing all products that have toxic ingredients, low quality meals, plant-based proteins, artificial additives that are harmful and natural flavor. We realized that these substances are not the best for our furry friends and we only chose the products and brands that are rid of them.


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